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The secret behind the expensive handbags

The significance already handbags for modern women not only dress up only, it is more like a living part of the silhouette, accompanied by record of owner’spursuit and taste. So it is not difficult to understand the “super” handbag thoughexpensive, but still in short supply. However, in addition to the classic Herm s (s)Birkin, do you know which “super” handbag? More importantly, they why so expensive? Its design philosophy and traditional crafts and how

Replica Hermes Lindy handbag


When a close friend who is mentioned 1001st times in Kelly and Birkin bag,you should tell them, Hermes replica Lindy. Lindy from the Hermes during the spring and summer of 2007, is a very practical function handbags. The designed for modern young customers handbags in artisans superb skilled, rich imagination and infinite creative enthusiasm has priceless, because of the delicate, soft as Velvet Matte crocodile leather and more elegant.

Reference price: 271750CNY

Bottega Veneta dark grey soft crocodile smoked ROMA handbag


Roma series bag is Bottega Veneta package is one of the classic. In the luxury of the world, it is very difficult to find such a special existence: Despite the absence of any brand of Logo and listing, but need only look at the exquisite Intrecciatowoven leather, feel the flawless excellent cortex, immediately can tell this is aBottega Veneta handbag. Combination of crocodile leather strict hand crafted,Roma bag price 300000 is also reasonable.

Reference price: 303130CNY

Louis Vuitton NN14 s handbag


Louis Vuitton NN14 series are Marc Jacobs curtain call, this is a classic No series new interpretation. The original version of the “evolution” is still retainedthe designed to place champagne barrel shape, has high identification degree.The price nearly 200000 limited edition with feathers, crystal and so on a large number of luxury materials, provide powerful testimony to the one and only LouisVuitton process.

Reference price: 172000CNY

Chanel CF limited edition handbags


Chanel mid price increases year after year, they scramble for, perhaps you bag ofunderstanding of Chanel than other brands, because it always like the classicparagraph. But you know, you are most familiar with the CF style, if a change incortex, prices immediately soared by 10 times. In the CF over the Chinese street,shoulder this limited edition only then really cool.

Reference price: 412500CNY

Dior Bar chameleon designer handbag


How much do you know about Dior’s bag? Only Lady Dior and Diorissom? Othernew DiorBar series of re interpretation of the legendary modern way to “Bar set”,displayed superb technology and extraordinary creativity Dior by perceptual curveand delicate and elegant design.

Reference price: 105000CNY

Chlo Baylee crocodile skin handbags


Chlo Baylee handbags, love of literature from the Chlo Gaby founder Ms. Aghion was selected to alphabet to name products series. The current creative director Clare Waight Keller to restart the Chlo unique concept in the new handbags series of letters – a special letter, a girl’s name, the one and only ahandbag. Baylee is one of the products of the handbag. Chlo Baylee very personality, simple and practical, very soft touch, the perfect interpretation of the free and fearless, modern fashion..

Reference price: 253050CNY (L) 207030CNY (medium)

Hermes Evelyne Simple and elegant minimalism Favorites

Replica Hermes Handbags Evelyne III bags not famous like Hermes Birkin bag , of course, not the same price , but more and more people like to relax influx name star in his leisure time back it out . Why is this ?
First, the quality of Hermes Evelyne III bags is really impeccable, U.S. actress Kate Walsh every time when there is heavy to carry , would choose her Evelyne III brown bag, according to what she said back for a long time , but no traces of damage . This is the perfect card Mingaimashi Taurillon Clemence leather tough and strong ! Second, is it a classic look , with all the classic timeless Hermes bag models , like Hermes Evelyne III replica bags design is very simple , smooth lines, with holes in the front of the bag body is printed as the brand’s iconic “H” letter , so see at a glance who is a big cargo, long and solid straps make this a very comfortable back in the body bag . For Tyrant who this bag the price is very reasonable , because it has four dimensions , so the price will be different in different sizes . Specific price , like MM can learn to love Mashi Guan network .

replica Hermes Evelyne bag

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hermes birkin price A variety of colors to cater to fashion women bag extraordinary taste

Hermes birkin handbag is one of two of its most famous brand, is the foundation on another modification KELLY handbag made??. Hermes hermes birkin colors prices, European and American stars favorite shopping boarding bag.
Hermes hermes birkin price love the color of the world’s female star love, like spicy Victoria, were slow Kim Kardashian, big S, sluts Paris Hilton, Faye Wong, etc., or to have a variety of platinum bag.

Recommended style one: Hermes Birkin 2011 spring and summer white pearl leather with lizard skin Birkin handbags an unprecedented series of bags, Club Pack enables non-glossy Clmencetaurillon smooth calfskin with lizard skin deep symmetrical, white and pearl gray each other, comes two Mykonos blue drawstrings.

hermes birkin bag

Recommended style two: Hermes Birkin 35cm handbag classic red azalea silver buckle leather TC

hermes birkin bag2

Recommended style three: Hermes Birkin handbag 35cm are classic red leather silver clasp Epsom

hermes birkin bag3

Recommended style four: Hermes Birkin handbag 35cm classic natural color gold buckle Ardennes leather

hermes birkin bag4

Recommended style five: Hermes Birkin handbag 35cm classic fight skin color olive green canvas with gold buckle Clemence leather

hermes birkin bag5

Recommended style six: Hermes Birkin bag 35cm orange gold buckle classic Clemence leather

hermes birkin bag6

Recommended style seven: Hermes Birkin handbag 40cm classic white silver buckle Clemence leather

hermes birkin bag7

Recommended style eight: Hermes Birkin handbag 40cm Classic Graphite Epsom leather silver buckle

hermes birkin bag8

Recommended style nine: Hermes Birkin handbag 35cm classic Mexican grass green leather silver buckle Ardennes

hermes birkin bag9

Recommended style ten: Hermes Birkin handbag 35cm deep blue classic silver buckle Clemence Leather

hermes birkin bag10

Hermes 2014 spring and summer mini Berline bag

Hermes Berline bags since 2011 acclaimed since it was launched, in 2013 launched a mini version Berline bag is being sought after star of the influx of people. 2014 spring and summer, Berline mini bags introduced a new color, see if there is your favorite bar!
Hermes brand since its 2011 debut Berline bags, they give passing out “movement of life” concept. However, Berline bags not only because of its casual fashion sense and interesting, colorful color is also another reason for its eye-catching. As expected and as in the spring and summer of 2013, Hermes launched a new mini version Berline size bags. Lengthened version of the bag straps, shoulder more easily destroyed. Straps can be taken down at any time, as a clutch to use, very practical and convenient! 2014 spring and summer, Hermes Berline launched a mini-bag of green, blue, purple, three new colors.

Hermes 2014 spring and summer mini Berline bag  2 Hermes 2014 spring and summer mini Berline bag

Hermes 2014 New Handbags

Hermes 2014 spring and summer BRAZIL printed silk with BARNIA calfskin shoulder bag SOIE-COOL 22
BRAZIL printed silk Hermes 2014 spring and summer with SOIE-COOL 22 BARNIA calfskin shoulder bag, this lightweight backpack continuation of the “Brazil” Brazil stamp theme, and for the first time combines exquisite silk and rugged Barnia calf.

Hermes 2014 New Handbags

Hermes 2014 spring and summer with SOMBRERO disseminated TOILE H canvas messenger bag calfskin ALLERETOUR MESSENGER 34
Hermes 2014 spring and summer dip TOILE H canvas with calfskin ALLERETOUR MESSENGER 34 SOMBRERO messenger bag, this men’s messenger bags produced using monolithic toile H canvas with leather fringe reinforcement. Soft, lightweight, either shoulder or diagonal, back wearing a variety of ways and are able to adapt to physical perfection. Beneath the flip is closed original mechanism, large interior space, as well as multiple inside the bag, to meet the daily needs.

Hermes 2014 New Handbags 2


Hermes EVERCALF calfskin PLIPLATE envelope style evening bag
2014 EVERCALF calfskin PLIPLATE envelope style evening bag, liplat open a new and elegant evening bag to carry the way. When folded, it is graceful contours and silky feel, gently slide your hands under the handle. Open that saw two inside the bag, they are extraordinary soft kid lining, contains ample storage space. This paragraph has a variety of colors, choice of super soft calfskin and crocodile skin, highlighting gentle silky feel.

Hermes 2014 New Handbags 3

Hermes 2013BOX calf CONSTANCE CARTABLE bag
CONSTANCE CARTABLE BOX calfskin bag, beautiful new Constance small bag, so dusty in memory of 29CM specifications bags, in the season to get re-interpretation. Its capacity is rich, very suitable for everyday use. Received a short strap can easily put in the hands. Studded buckle bring a ray of quaint and elegant Rhyme.

Hermes 2014 New Handbags 4